The world needs you

The world needs you

February 14, 2020

The world needs you. We are speaking to every person who might happen upon our words. You may brush this off because you think you have not done anything significant in your life that the world would need, and that is only your assumption, and a choice you decided to make about yourself.

First of all, we must mention that we practically had to pull this message from Roger, for he does not always believe us, as many of you. This morning we took over his morning routine. You each are given guidance and direction in your lives, but most attempt not to see that guidance, or label incidents and occurrences in their lives as accidental or coincidental, and none of that is true.

We had Roger hear a video from someone he admires who shared personal information about their lives that made them more human to Roger, rather than some exalted figure. We had Roger hear a story last night of another leader who had fallen on hard times, and again, this person now felt real and accessible to Roger.

The reason we did this is Roger is creating something on Monday, which he will consider to be his life’s work, and we want it precisely to be that. The reason the world needs each of you is that your experiences help all others evolve, and your world. If you have followed us for a bit, you know we say there is no hierarchy of souls, and we hope you believe that now.


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