The uniqueness of your life journey is what causes you to be valuable

The uniqueness of your life journey is what causes you to be valuable

June 11, 2021
The uniqueness of your life journey is what causes you to be valuable. That sentence is true for every soul but particularly for those who find themselves reading our words. You will begin to know you are not accidental, and neither is your life.

It took quite a while for Roger to write this message which will further inform its intent, and it will be more purposeful for him and you. We mentioned the other day Roger had what felt to him to be a shocking discovery that he had what humans call ADHD. We want to point out that the acronym letters have created the problem rather than offering you the solution. There are no disorders. The condition you would consider to be so is what you use to create order in your life and world to cause evolution.

We have said you are moving through a massive restructuring for the purpose of moving beyond limitations. You will uncover parts of yourself you did not understand, but when you remember you are never given anything in your life that was not for your highest good, you accelerate your expansion and that of your world.

Roger began to study the science of this condition more, for as we have said, his orientation this time in his life was to marry science and spirituality. This "shocking" discovery has allowed him to do just that. The limitations you each are releasing are not only in your life but your ancestors and soul family. Roger can see the perfection of this, and due to that, he must move through his limitations.
We urged him to allow us to speak, so he planned a meeting for Sunday as we have more to say to you all. None of this is new, but your acceptance will be. We began telling Roger what was ahead some time ago, but he doubts us just as you have doubted your guidance, but this restructuring will aid you in moving through it, and you will come to know your value.

We will leave a link to one message we delivered a few months ago, but now it will make sense just as your life will, and you will be fine.

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