The timing of your life is perfect

The timing of your life is perfect

May 25, 2019

Your timing is always perfect. We wanted you all to have that title while beginning to receive this message. It will help all others understand the meaning intended to be transmitted if we use you as an example, which means you must endure your usual embarrassment and feeling of shame as you honestly discuss your journey.

Yesterday, you were in counsel with several clients. In each one, you advised them that the current experiences they were having were perfectly timed and designed to add value to their lives, and even when they couldn’t accept this, it was causing them to evolve. You immediately after that began to question that truth and doubt that information in your life.

Now here is the bonus! The reason you have done this and the purpose of the life you have led is to show others the contribution they have to offer the world has always been within them, and the time it emerges in their lives never matters, as long as it does emerge. You know we are yelling at you. You’re welcome.


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