The timing of your life is always perfect

The timing of your life is always perfect

February 13, 2021
The timing of your life is always perfect. We know the word perfect is subjective and cannot be measured. However, for this message’s purpose as it relates to your life, we would like you to take it literally.

The timing we are speaking of may refer to this life or previous ones you’ve experienced, but you do know the time sequence you have experienced so far. Every step of the way in your life was designed to lead you to further awareness and greater acceptance of who you are until you embody empowerment. You may begin to put together the puzzle pieces of your life during this time.

We will give you one story but rest assured, you will find many in your life experience that will always cause you to love you more when understood. Yesterday Roger had a Zoom call with his family to celebrate his nephew’s birthday. During the call, Roger pulled out a folder a began to read something he wrote in 1983 that startled him. Roger had always equated his recent discoveries and change in his life direction as something new, and it never was.

All that occurred is, the time he was meant to discover this and put it all together is now.

We are saying these words because we know they will make sense and do not want you to regret anything as you begin to discover this as Roger was tempting to do. Roger thought, "If I knew all of this information and what I wanted to do before, why did it take until now?"

Reread the title, and know you will be fine.

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