The timing of your life is always perfect

The timing of your life is always perfect

March 4, 2021
The timing of your life is always perfect. We began with that title to stop Roger from doing what he and many of you do when you discover who you are and what you have withheld from the rest of the world. Yes, we are speaking of your current restructuring, and we will have this make sense.

Some time ago, we mentioned that Roger felt compelled one night to add the Discovery Channel. He needed to pay a subscription mainly to watch one show with Theresa Caputo, whom we have also mentioned. Roger did not know at the time why that occurred until yesterday. You each receive guidance, and sometimes we call them glimpses of who you are and what you desired to fulfill in this lifetime.

We told you that yesterday Roger had several consultations that felt "new" to him, so he also held trepidation. We told him what to do precisely, and this time Roger even decided to listen to us. We threw that in to make you each aware of how often you do not trust that "voice" inside you.

As Roger began the sessions, the very first person demonstrated what we told Roger would occur. They even made sense of something we had Roger study some time ago about the relationships of empaths and narcissists, which, if you haven’t noticed, is playing out in your world and the United States, as we also said previously. But enough on that.

When Roger came to another consultation where there were two people, Roger said something that caused the two people to become startled by Roger’s statement’s accuracy. It also surprised Roger, for he did not know what he said, and Roger didn’t have a memory of it, for he tapped into infinite intelligence, which you all can do.

Here’s the best part of the story. Roger recognized why he searched for that television show, and it was because he saw Theresa have the reaction he experienced, so it felt safer to him when he had that experience.

This long story was to say that each of you will awaken to some aspect of who you are that you have denied, but it shows up at the right time in your life, and the feeling of delight is one we would like you to accept rather than regret or believing you missed something. You did not, the timing was meant to be now, and you will be fine.

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