The time was now

The time was now

October 17, 2019

The time was now. Those words will make sense to you in a moment. For some of you, it will be transformative, and for Roger, it will be uncomfortable.

As we have said, you each are born with roles that you play or functions you fulfill in the expansion of all that is, or evolution. The timing of when you come to recognize this is also purposeful. You are also programming what manifests in your reality by the words you speak and the thoughts you hold. Roger has often said he can never speak on anything unless he knows the truth of what he speaks or has measurable results. Now because he has said this, he would never manifest anything outside of his own words.

Roger has had this dream of creating a vehicle that would provide others the ability to develop and experience empowerment. Now he wasn’t sure he had accomplished that, so following his own words, he couldn’t speak on it with authority. Last night, while working on his program, he needed to use a process we gave him some time ago called, “build your own motivation.” The idea was to review your life and find what causes you to feel alive. Roger hadn’t done this entirely himself until last night. The review of his life caused him to know he is overqualified to fulfill his mission.

Here’s the message for each of you. The magic potion you have been seeking that would transform your life is within you now. You will decide when the time is now.


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