The shocking manner in which you come to love yourself

The shocking manner in which you come to love yourself

November 26, 2019

The shocking manner in which you come to love yourself. We needed to find a nifty title for this message as we wanted to attract attention. Roger is even willing to deliver this one even though it requires him to become vulnerable and transparent. But also he knows how valuable it will be for him and many of you.

You each have been influenced to believe, or taught, the key to living a happy and successful life is to love yourself. You then attempt to find studies, tools, teachers, leaders, and philosophies that might show you how to accomplish that. You think that if you do certain things such as tithing your money or other symbolic acts, that will cause you to love yourself. We gave you a message some time ago, stating that pure love is the most powerful state of existence. That state exists when all manner of judgment is removed. You understand this intellectually, and then don’t follow it.

Yesterday Roger was called to a video shooting to create content on personal development. He was available but had not prepared any material. When he began the filming, he was surprised at how easily it all flowed. Keep in mind that on the way there, we had him hear a video of a Tedx Talk from Gabrielle Bernstein, where she related a story of discarding prepared notes for the talk and instead decided to speak from her experience. Roger forgot this within an hour, but that is what he was doing. At the end of the shooting, the young camera person said to Roger, “you delivered your points so clearly.” Roger also felt his rejection of that acknowledgment. You all do this. He was then asked to come back on Wednesday and create something else that would be helpful or others, and Roger wondered what the topic would be, and we are telling him it is this!

The only thing any of you must do to experience self-love is to stop judging yourself and stop comparing yourself to anyone else. And finally come to understand that the unique and individual you is what the world needs and when you decide to be yourself, your experience of self-love will be undeniable.


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