The salvation of the world depends on you

The salvation of the world depends on you

September 29, 2020
The salvation of the world depends on you. If you experienced any feeling of disbelief from that statement, you have uncovered the source of every challenge and difficulty you’ve experienced throughout your life. We will also brilliantly tie this message together with the current events of your world.

Yesterday we led Roger to a message he received from another source, which referred to what was known as the harmonic convergence of 1987. These events have occurred repeatedly throughout your known civilizations, and they must occur for the world that you know to continue to evolve. You are in one now. You do not have a predetermined destiny, meaning you as the individual and your world at large. So that means the further evolution of your world depends on each of you living now in a way where you step up to the plate and do your job. We threw that in as Roger was given a bit more permission to be himself as we had him listen to Kyron this morning, who delivers information in a manner similar to ours. Roger often judges his frivolity when it actually serves a valuable purpose.

Each of you has known of all the dreams and aspirations you have held in your life. But there is always this part of you that feels insignificant or incapable of achieving whatever that was. For decades Roger has run from what we have told him he could do. Still, like you, he also didn’t understand that he could not break the laws of the universe. They all say your actions, thoughts, and beliefs have a cumulative effect and will eventually manifest with precision the result of all those thoughts, beliefs, and actions you’ve taken. None of this is right or wrong, but only what you individually desired to accomplish in this lifetime. You just don’t believe you can do it, just as your world believes now, but you can change that.

Roger has known of his ability to see potential in others beyond what they can do at their current awareness level. The only reason he knows this is due to his denial of his potential. Yesterday Roger gave his roommate a portion of the online program Roger created through us, and his roommate said that Roger had something so powerful that would aid so many. The only problem was Roger wasn’t sure of that until he received that confirmation, just as you aren’t sure of your direction. But you will fulfill it or remain incredibly uncomfortable for the rest of your life. We are saying that because that is where Roger sits now and knows his part of the world’s salvation will be fulfilled through him, helping you understand your importance.

When each of you accomplishes this, you will have no need to control another, deny another their rights or freedom, and you will never lack for anything of a material nature ever again. You will be fine.

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