The salvation of the world depends on you

The salvation of the world depends on you

November 21, 2020
The salvation of the world depends on you. Yes, we do mean you, or you would not be alive now. Hopefully, we will provide you with more evidence of this and why you thought it might have been a good idea to live through a pandemic.

We have said you and your world are moving through a massive restructuring. While we know most others, but not many who read our words, do not believe they had lived before or had other lifetimes; however, we assure you that it is true. Otherwise, you would have a challenging time explaining evolution. That sentence will make sense to you soon.

We gave Roger information years ago that informed this current period, but he didn’t understand it then as it was not needed until now. We will leave at the end the message which explains the meaning of salvation. We gave Roger this title today to take him back more than thirty years where he studied "A Course in Miracles," and one of the lessons was "The Salvation of The World Depends on Me." At the time, Roger could not embody that as you have not. But now, the message we will leave makes sense, and he is devoting his life to living what we gave him.

The point of this message is that each was born to evolve in some particular and meaningful way to you, and this time in your world is helping you when you do not resist the urgent need to release previously held limitations. The big surprise is that goal is the only one you had in this lifetime. You will be fine.

September 28, 2017
When you come to understand that the experiences you have had, and especially the ones that you thought were difficult, actually brought you a greater benefit, that is how salvation feels.

When you come to understand what you thought were unrelated events and circumstances of your life were actually all woven together to provide you with an almost magical tapestry of your life that you might use to provide even greater benefit to others, that is how salvation feels.

When you come to understand that no one else ever did anything to you, but you allowed those things to occur so you could become your best self, that is how salvation feels.

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