The ridiculous things you all do!

The ridiculous things you all do!

September 8, 2019

The ridiculous things you all do! Roger agreed to allow this message to come through if we made it fun; we will do our best, and the title itself was the beginning. We wanted to attract more to read it.

Roger spent his entire evening attempting the impossible. But he also came to understand on a visceral level what it means to want to be right rather than happy. While that may seem like a dumb choice to make, he has been doing it, as you all have.

We will use his situation, but you all will find yours. Roger sat in an uncomfortable place in his life, and he looked for any other person he could blame for his predicament. He thought that if he accomplished that he would feel better. That is the ridiculous thing! You cannot blame anything or anyone else for your life experience and expect to be empowered at the same time. Do you see how ridiculous that is?


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