The reason you were afraid

The reason you were afraid

February 20, 2021
The reason you were afraid. Every person who reads these words and is willing to become honest with themselves will find great value.

As we have said endlessly, you are moving through a massive restructuring. We have also said you have done this before, and you have done it many times. You have no conscious awareness of this, for if you did, it would be meaningless. Don’t worry; we will have this make sense.

You each have certain elements of your life experience this time where it feels to you as if you are repeating particular things and that there are these persistent problems, as you see them, which you have difficulty moving beyond. We are saying to each of you those things are valuable in your now life experience when you become willing to acknowledge them and decide to move beyond them this time.

Roger knows it was not accidental that he wrote a book on fear, and it is not a mystery to him that instances of fear in his life continue to arise. They are there for him to move beyond so he might aid all of you. Now that last sentence is accurate for every person. You were born with gifts and talents that lay dormant, awaiting your recognition.

We will give you a story that will help. Yesterday Roger received what some may feel was a disturbing message on his Instagram account about Roger’s associate. Roger knows that most would have judged this incident in a completely different manner than he did. Roger set up a meeting with this individual, for he knew it was showing up in his experience for a reason he could not articulate in the moment.

Roger had the session that went exceptionally well, and after the individual sent a text and asked Roger, "how did you know what I was going to say?" Roger said, "I don’t know, I just do." That story is the one each of you holds within yourself, awaiting your acknowledgment that you do know, and this period in your life is helping to acknowledge and own who you are.

You had fear as Roger did because you did not know where you were going as it was that unknown, but once you claim you do know, things will change, and you will be fine. (Just as you always have been.)

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