The reason you shouldn’t take anything personally

The reason you shouldn’t take anything personally

January 20, 2020

The reason you shouldn’t take anything personally. As you know, we don’t use words like should, but here we use it to mean something that will aid your journey and desire to evolve. We have referred to the book "The Four Agreements," and one of those agreements is not to take anything personally. A while ago, we gave Roger an article entitled, "Stop Fighting Against Yourself." The article was also addressing the ridiculousness of war. It could be wars among countries or wars within yourself. You discover the latter always to be the case.

The other day we mentioned the person harassing Roger on social media. Roger did take it personally at first, and we say this, so you come to understand the process. Roger knew on an intuitive level; this experience would bring him awareness in many different areas. The first was for him to recognize how he has always taken things personally. The second was so he could understand his desired work and career path. Any experience each of you has is to fulfill what you wanted to achieve in your life or your purpose.

Roger is working on a program for self-empowerment. He has several exercises and processes, and this will be one. After allowing himself to calm down, he approached the person knowing that their attack was due to something they were fighting within themselves. Roger said to the person, "I’m sorry, but you seem to be very angry, and I wish you well in your life." The person responded that they were not an angry person but run a small church and was saving money to purchase Roger’s program. When they continued to see promotional emails they could not afford, they attacked Roger because they felt helpless.

This story was long to bring you this awareness. The reason to not take things personally is that you are usually attempting to mask your feeling of helplessness. You are not helpless. A little study of this message will birth clarity.


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