The process of birthing your authenticity is happening again now

The process of birthing your authenticity is happening again now

August 3, 2021
The process of birthing your authenticity is happening again now. We wanted that complete title, for it is also a continuation of the information we gave you in our live session last Sunday. We are speaking to you, the individual, and your world, for as you eventually come to understand, there is no separation. But because you believed there was, you needed to create a restructuring to bring harmony.

You now understand why we brought in Florida on Sunday and cognitive dissonance yesterday. The very definition of that word is disharmony, which has existed within you and, therefore, your world.

You each come into the world at specific times and specific places to affect evolution within yourself to add your unique energy and contribution to the evolution of all that is. As we had Roger say yesterday, the challenge you have when he referenced the book "Three Magic Words." in a video. The instruction given in the book was not to jump to the end to try to find those words, for then you miss the build-up that causes a shock to your system and the impact that is felt and held. Some of you attempt to jump to the end of your lives to avoid any sense of uncertainty. But that is what you needed to experience to evolve. We know some of this will not make sense, which is why we said we are delivering it in smaller doses.

The reason is again that it takes time for you to accept your gifts, your proper place in the world, and to come to know your worth and value, as no one is born without it. Still, you may have spent much of your life denying that fact, and then a restructuring and pandemic come along to shake you out of your sleep. We do love all these references, and we will have them make sense.

If you remember, we told you about a dream Roger discovered he had written in 2005 and completely forgot he had written it and even unknowingly hid it in a closet, attempting to put it out of his mind. He can no longer do so, and neither will you. You each will be awakened to more of yourselves, and you will decide if you move forward or allow fear to stay where you are. We intend to aid you moving forward, and you will be fine.

By the way, the simple definition of authenticity is a lack of self-judgment.

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