The piggy bank

The piggy bank

October 18, 2021

The piggy bank. We used that title for we knew it would arouse your curiosity to read this message, and that has been our intention for quite some time. We even told you on Saturday during our live chat how some of you will hear something we have said, and it awakens some knowing within you, yet you choose not to take action. Many of you couldn’t take the time to listen to the recording we took so much time to orchestrate for you. We did all that so you might be more willing to accept this information, for as we also told you on Saturday, your world needs you now.

We are giving you this message today, and we gave you the long one yesterday, for we are attempting to inspire more self-belief within you, for that is why you decided to be here now during this restructuring. We will continue to give you more until we speak to you in our next live talk this Wednesday morning. We are holding that one because it is another pivotal time in your world’s evolvement, and your participation is essential.

We often use human metaphors or analogies as it causes you to think, and it awakens your innate wisdom and knowledge, for you do have it. Not all of you will have this reference in your personal story or culture, but you will understand what we mean.

When Roger was younger, the custom was to give the children a piggy bank to learn how to save and accumulate riches to be in a position to purchase something of value. You would put in your coins one at a time and typically over a long period. Then when the bank is full, you would take a hammer and smash the bank to access the coins to purchase that new shiny object for which you had saved.

The object you are purchasing now is your new life and world. The coins you placed in the jar were all of your experiences, fears, doubts, failures, successes, and all of your loves. Now you have that bank before you, and you need to use a hammer to access it all, and you chose to use this restructuring as your hammer. On Wednesday, we will tell you what you were attempting to purchase. You will understand how vital and essential you are now in creating that shiny new object or your new world, and you will be fine.

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