The only difference between you and them

The only difference between you and them

February 4, 2020

The only difference between you and them. Don’t worry, we will tell you at the end. We have spoken of the training for mentors Roger attended this past weekend, but there is still more. Each of you will have experiences in your life that provide you with opportunities to extract wisdom that will enable you to evolve, but many times you attempt to pretend you do not hear the guidance, as Roger did.

We need to add detail to the story for clarity. On the very first day of the training within hours, Roger knew he was in the "right" place. He had quite a visceral feeling that even elicited tears. Then Roger noticed that the presenter was offering information from their life that resembled Roger’s with striking details, including how much they slept, past experiences of depression, being taught, and told they were incapable.

There is something we will point out that many of you miss. Often humans don’t decide to own who they are until they are in some dire situations, desperate for money, or completely unhappy. Now that diamond emerging from pressure will make sense when used as a metaphor.

On the second day, Roger had an urge he resisted for quite a while until we pushed him. Roger doesn’t approach others easily, as the presenter had noted, they do not either. Roger took our book, wrote an inscription of gratitude for the trainer, and approached to hand over the book. The presenter then had Roger speak to the audience. At that moment, everything began to make sense. As Roger walked into the audience, it felt like home to him and where he was meant to be. Then Roger had to ask himself why he had not been there before? The answer we gave him and to each of you answers the title of this message. Your one-word answer to that difference is belief.

Please don’t do what Roger did at the training when he came to this revelation. He blurted out, "I feel stupid". The instructor then said, "that is not helpful for this is a training environment, and we want to offer insight that will help others." Roger then re-framed it and said, "I recognized I had everything I needed, but couldn’t see it right in front of me." We will leave you with this closing thought. All you need do is develop your belief, and yes, it can take time, but you can do it.


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