The next portion of the restructuring of your world is in your hands

The next portion of the restructuring of your world is in your hands

January 21, 2021
The next portion of the restructuring of your world is in your hands. We wanted to use a title that most of you would find difficult to believe, but we will do our best to change your mind.

We are speaking of your current global shift, and we are still using the United States and Roger as examples. Yesterday a new president was inaugurated in the United States. Roger’s experience was one of great relief, for he felt as if he were witnessing what he aspired to achieve.

We will not make this long because we need Roger to add one of our previous messages that will have light bulbs ignite for many of you. We must also say it is what Roger has sought the entirety of his life.

There was a family disagreement arising still from the past election in the US. Roger has struggled with doing his job of being a loving person to others while maintaining a love for himself. Some in the family wanted to exclude others, and Roger said he could not do that as he sees his role differently in this particular restructuring, and for him, it is inclusion. Roger found what he sought, but just like birth, it was uncomfortable.

We told Roger not to read the message beforehand, for it will be more impactful for him and some of you. You will be fine.

June 7, 2013
You always hold the autonomy in your own physical life experience. You would do well to examine the meaning of that word and then apply it to every aspect of your life.

You may begin to argue that is not always the case because you are dependent on others or specific situations and circumstances for your mere survival; however, in truth, that is never the case. You need merely think back to particular times in your life where you believed that you were dependent on others or those situations that you felt sustained you, and in an instant, they were gone, and you still survived. Those instances might serve as a wake-up call for you now, so to speak, to regain that autonomy.

The first place for you to begin is in your thinking. You will find that it has been more comfortable for you to shift the responsibility for your life experience to some outside source. None of this is meant to be right or wrong, but to make you aware that you always have a choice.

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