The more of yourself you reveal, the more helpful you become to the world

The more of yourself you reveal, the more helpful you become to the world

June 18, 2021
The more of yourself you reveal, the more helpful you become to the world. That sentence is true for every soul, and it is the main message we have given Roger to follow in this lifetime, and we will continue that practice.

The most revealing part of this message will be the fact that we instructed Roger to examine our earliest works because he can now see what we told him more than thirty years ago is making sense now. We are placing that sentence there because each of you holds a memory of guidance, intuition, or what may have even felt to be a compulsion that will begin to make sense for you now due to this restructuring you desired to experience.

We had Roger find one message in particular, and we will place excerpts here to clarify his life experience of last night, which we told him about back then. We love that clever line which you all will come to understand, and you will be fine.

February 9, 1989
The kind of pace you are currently maintaining may have its downside if you’re not paying attention. From your conversation last night, you did notice how the idea of focusing stood out for you. It would be wise to investigate this avenue. In doing so, you will also become more clear of the areas in which you still maintain an over sense of responsibility to others in your experience. Creating your life does not have to mean that you exclude others, but that you include them in ways that are beneficial to all, especially yourself. Your little incident with Michael the other evening should have also pointed out to you the over-emphasis you place on others merely in arranging your day, which could be seen as arranging and creating your life. You wanted to experience the benevolence of your being in this lifetime, but also how to balance your conflicting ideas on this subject. As said to you earlier, preserve and deserve.

A note from today. Roger was unnerved as he typed those words due to the accuracy they conveyed. You might be shocked when you discover your guidance was accurate and awaiting your acceptance and understanding.

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