The money confused you

The money confused you

February 21, 2020

The money confused you. This message is intended mainly for Roger, but because you are all connected, some of you will follow along and gain valuable awareness. This morning we told Roger to go to our words, dutifully preserved on his website, and search for the word rich. As we have said, there are no accidents, and when you read all the messages attached in the thread, the intention will be unmistakable.

Yesterday Roger earned no money from the clients he saw, and yet he had the richest day of his life. We want him to recount each one. The first client was an 18-year-old boy with an awareness far beyond his years, which Roger noted, and in that instant, this young man felt validated. The second was a client in Romania who marveled at how Roger created a vocal technique she felt saved her life and that of her clients. Roger also didn’t understand how he uncovered the seeming miracle. The next was a young man you had given up on his dreams years ago and found his potential reignited through Roger’s work. Then a young lady became frustrated with her progress and doubted she was heading in the "right’ direction in her life. She changed her mind by the end of the session.

The last one was the best. A young woman called the other day seeking help and confirmation of who she was, as she thought maybe it was because she was adopted. What Roger saw yesterday was a raw talent that only needed confirmation.

The point of this message is many of you measure your worth and value by the amount of money you have. Now you know why you were confused.

The "rich" thread.


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