The message you wanted to hear

The message you wanted to hear

May 2, 2020
The message you wanted to hear. We might have said the message Roger wanted to hear or the message some of you wanted to hear, but regardless everyone will find value.

Let us begin with last night. While on a trip with his friend to get food, his friend asked Roger if he thought Wilhelm was real. Roger blurted out he does now because the evidence has been irrefutable. We bring up this point, so each of you might recognize how you have doubted your Wilhelm your entire lives. You are now being shown this mainly due to the pandemic. Roger has always doubted our communications, but more importantly, he feared judgment he might receive from others who would think he was crazy for having these thoughts and beliefs.

This morning we led Roger back to a video he had avoided. The video was of Abraham, channeled by Esther Hicks. Due to the lock-down, Abraham’s usual form of communication was halted as no large gatherings were permitted. Esther decided to film conversations with Abraham. Roger thought he avoided the video for other reasons, but he did it to avoid himself. The more validity added to communications of this nature would cause Roger to notice his withholding of information as well as his gifts, as each you have done.

How Now here’s one of those "coincidences" you all seem to believe. Roger planned a talk for today, which he entitled, "How to do what you want in your life." Of course, he would plan that as he has been avoiding to do so, just as you have. That is why this is the message you wanted to hear.

Finally, another thing Roger attempted to avoid was to leave a link to a message we guided him to this morning. We wanted you all to see how long he, and you, have been hiding from yourselves. (By the way, it’s been much longer than this.)
The link:


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