The message you didn’t want, but will set you free

The message you didn’t want, but will set you free

June 14, 2019

This message is the one you did not want to hear but is the one message that will provide you and all others with the knowledge, wisdom, and ability to live joyous lives. You even struggled to find the right words to say this, and the reason for that difficulty is it seems too simple to make sense or be effective. But also you come to understand the answer to everything you ever wanted to know was right in front of you.

Now we will give you the information, and also your assignment on this life journey. You are not like anyone else, and the only difficulty you each have experienced in your lives is due to not accepting and living that truth. When each of you examines yourselves in this light, and eventually become willing to acknowledge what you have been doing, and change, magical things will happen. More will come.


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