The message you all wanted to hear

The message you all wanted to hear

July 20, 2019

The message you all wanted to hear. We wanted to begin with that sentence and title in the hopes it would capture the attention of many, as you all do what we will exemplify through Roger. Several years ago, he had what felt to be inspired direction as to where he wanted to go in his life. He also recognized and stated that there were areas of his life experience that could use some filling out, so to speak. So a relationship showed up that provided that opportunity in many ways. The most significant way was to point out how much he doesn’t trust himself.

He had many others advise him as to what he should do regarding the relationship and convinced him it was ruining his life. He knew the opposite was occurring but because he has had a lifelong habit of not trusting his intuition, as you all do,he didn’t trust himself. He took advice from others, all of whom had not been successful in
relationships – the irony.

We think he and many of you will now begin to trust yourselves and your life direction, even when you don’t know or understand where it is leading you. We could go on, but that is enough for now.


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