The message that will change your life

The message that will change your life

April 30, 2019

This is the message that will change your life once you and others understand its meaning, and decide to act on what you receive. We will first make this statement. The only thing that prevents you and others from living the lives you desire is resistance.

You become a great example for others because you believe you shouldn’t have it, and you have communicated with us for so long, that your doubt should have been removed, and that is far from the truth. You have experienced many days over the years where you believed that you would not receive information from us before you finished your meditation, and that has never occurred, yet it did not shore up your belief.

You hold a faint idea of what is occurring in your life, but you dare not accept that for then you might have to live that life, or worse yet, it may not be true. That behavior is what you all do. Hopefully, this next bit will help you all. We gave you a message some time ago, “kicking and screaming.” Post it here, study its content, and know you are still doing that, but now you can change.


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