The formula for success

The formula for success

November 6, 2019

You declared who you wanted to be, took actions to set that in place, and then you got out of the way and allowed infinite intelligence to take over. That long sentence is one we wanted to be the title, but Roger felt it was too long. We will explain the story, and some you will discover your own path to success. That long sentence was the answer Roger was seeking to explain the events of yesterday.

Two days ago, he was asked to do a video shoot and speak on a few subjects. He thought this was merely a test of the camera equipment and the set itself in preparation for future video shootings. He didn’t have time to prepare anything, and also didn’t worry about it as this was just a test. Here comes the fun part.

Roger took a few moments to look at the subject matter, allowed a connection with us, and then began to speak. One person there who had never heard him exclaimed, “you are a really great speaker.” There was another person there, who is the one who has pushed Roger and sees in him more than Roger could see in himself. That is what all good coaches do. Now this person says in response, “you know I only pick the best people.” Roger continued to do the same thing on two additional topics.

Now when Roger left the video shoot, he noticed that he had motivated himself. Then he called a friend and in a moment of weakness, said, “I am the best motivational speaker I know.” The moment of weakness is a joke we hope you caught. Roger is usually that last to place compliments upon himself.

If you haven’t figured out the formula yet, it is this; declare, move, get out of the way. We mentioned infinite intelligence in this message, and Roger almost forgot, we had him look up the word ubiquitous. Apply that to infinite intelligence, and you’ll get much more from this message.


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