The experience of pure love is more powerful

The experience of pure love is more powerful

December 2, 2017

Please allow yourself enough time to absorb the meaning intended in this message, for it holds the power you sought to propel your life forward.

You had a memory of a pet you once had that you loved very much. Now because the pet was no longer in physical form the only thing your mind could conjure was the feeling of pure love. You knew that was the same feeling you had when the pet was alive, because there was no judgment held by you or the pet then, which is the only manner in which you might experience pure love.

Now you stayed with that feeling for a while and carried it with you into a current situation in your life, and then made a decision from that feeling that defied your physical world logic. Good for you.

All you ever need to know is that the experience of pure love is more powerful than anything else. Period.


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