The example of John Cena

The example of John Cena

September 29, 2019

We would like the title of this message to be, “The Example of John Cena.” We know that is unusual, but you will understand why we are using it, and how impactful it will be for all of you, especially Roger.
Some time ago, Roger happened upon tweets from John on Twitter which he found intriguing, and Roger began following him. Now the reason this stood out for him is that he knew John was a wrestler, and that arena doesn’t usually produce those who are offering what Roger deemed to be sage advice.

This morning Roger “stumbled” upon a quote that will offer clarity, as well as provide Roger with further encouragement on his felt “mission.”

“The feeling of anxious fear when breaking the manipulation of comfortably toxic situations is stifling. The good of the unknown is often never chosen for the comfort of toxicity. That first step is the biggest and toughest. Be brave. You can’t finish a race you never start.” John Cena

Did that help you? You can do the same for others.


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