The end of doubt

The end of doubt

September 21, 2019

You each move through your lives with endless questions for which you desperately seek answers. You want to know your purpose. You question if there is any meaning or reason for your life experience. Then ultimately, you question the existence of anything outside of what you can touch or grab physically. You will continually seek to find a way of alleviating your doubt about who you are, and the nature of existence, and you wonder if there is an answer. We will tell you there is an answer, and all of you will discover it eventually, and most, after they leave their bodies. If you seek to understand this message, you might come to your answer sooner.

We usually say Roger is having difficulty delivering this message because that was true due to his doubt. Not today. We decided to remove it, and his example will aid you all.

Roger has spent the greater part of his life searching for meaning and direction, while at the same time doubting he was receiving it. He even vehemently denied it was occurring. He would exclaim, “I don’t want to be that person!” Last night, he decided to organize some papers in his office, picked up a folder, and “inadvertently” found a message that was thirty years old. We will have him post it here, but there is far too much fully explain, but rest assured, more will come.

July 30, 1989

Any advice for today and comments on my awareness on my low
self-esteem in relationships?

You are indeed embarking on new information for yourself on a conscious level. While this information has always been available, it has also been too difficult to really look at and experience. The mere fact that you have had the awareness, and your willingness to delve further, should indicate to you the tremendous capacity you have for understanding and coming into more acceptance of yourself. You are no different than anyone else living on the earth plane in physical form, and you should take pride in the fact that you are now more honest with yourself, and have made available to yourself the tools, so to speak, to complete some much-desired work of this lifetime, as well as previous ones. You are discovering many “reasons”, as it were, for your development or lack of development of a healthy self-image. This is the experience you wanted, for to come into mastery through the experience itself, rather than trying to go around it, you provide yourself with enormous opportunities for self-actualization as well as being a teacher for others. This is not to say that your destiny is to be the example but to live the example and experience your own deep fulfillment. As you might have gathered, gaining the true self-worth you deserve is in process, and if it were not, you wouldn’t even know there was a “problem”. There is great value gained through all of your current activities and the key as you found yesterday is to follow through without your normal “trepidation”. When you release the judgment of the behaviors within the experiences, you gain a deeper personal insight, and this is what self-worth is all about; knowing you have a life of valuable experiences to be experienced in their fullest. When pats on the back become unnecessary, you will stop looking for them.


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