The dream

The dream

December 8, 2018

While Roger finds writing this message somewhat difficult for him, he also knows it will help all of you who choose to accept its wisdom. Several months ago Roger discovered a dream he had written in 2005. The discovery of this writing seemed mysterious to him, but now it makes sense. He could not believe what he had written until now. You all have dreams of varying natures and degrees, but because they are personal to you, you have difficulty believing what you are receiving of the validity of the dream itself. We have asked Roger to transcribe what he received, and those of you who are intended to receive its content will do so.

The Dream

August 2005 4:30 AM

The appearance of this dream was there were several spiritual leaders of sorts in a group in a circle, and we were asked who would do something, and I ran forward. It seemed that I volunteered, while at the same time thinking, why did it need to be me?

I seem to be in a conflict of whether or not I will continue to listen and be open without the pain, or will I go back to my old ways, which was sort of the indication with me seeing an old friend yesterday.

I ask for guidance and clarity. There is still a part of me that thinks the experience isn’t real on some level, and I could put it away, while a stronger part knows that is not the case.


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