The challenge that is before you now is the one that you wanted

The challenge that is before you now is the one that you wanted

November 28, 2020
The challenge that is before you now is the one that you wanted. Again, this is true for every person, and it is a part of the global restructuring of which we spoke and the one you wanted to attend. We know that may sound crazy and confusing, but we also know that this message will bring some solace for many of you due to the current challenges you face.

We will use a story from Roger’s past and his family, for they provide such great fodder. Yesterday Roger engaged in another family call where the family’s current tensions were seeking healing or unity, and you are doing that now within yourself in your unique evolutionary journey. To better understand what was occurring, we took Roger back to an event in his life that will inform this moment. We are staying away from that past life thing, for many of you reject it. But for those who want to open the door, your exploration may bring you some relief.

When Roger was relatively young, he felt out of place and bullied. One day he had enough and decided to grab his cousin by the neck and bang his head into a tree. Roger was releasing so much rage at that moment, but where could that have come from, for he was only eight or nine years old? As we have said, you all carry your ancestors’ energetic connections, and you decided to move through their previously held limitations through your life now.

During the conversation, a comment was made accusing some people of being insensitive to another’s feelings. After that comment, the same members immediately made a statement insensitive to others in the conversation and never heard what they had said. You all do this. You think you will be spared those feelings if you can deflect any feelings of insecurity or sensitivity to another. The only problem with that is you forget you are all one.

The main issue of the restructuring you all are experiencing is that of more equality and inclusion. Now because you have carried generations of behavior where you believe that if you subjugate others or an entire race or ethnicity, somehow you will feel whole, and that never works, and you can see the results of that in your world now.

The challenge for all of you and especially Roger is to release your judgment of them and you, for as we have also said, empowerment and judgment do not coexist. You only need to ask yourself which do you want? We will leave with that thought to ponder, for great awareness will emerge. You will be fine.

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