The best story ever

The best story ever

January 8, 2018

You are about to tell the best story ever that hopefully, you will finally hear as well as all others. Now the story itself describes how life works precisely, but you merely have been oblivious to that fact. Please add as much detail as possible, even if it causes this message to become a bit longer.

This morning you “inadvertently,” the quotes were intentional, picked up a book that you had previously read many decades ago. The particular chapter you opened, again, “accidentally,” happened to tell you that the only thing that ever keeps you from living your life in the manner you choose and having everything you desire is fear and doubt.

Now you “unknowingly,” same reason for the quotes, decided earlier this year that your mission was not to allow fear and doubt to hold you back. Now after this you happened, we won’t use the quotes, but you get the idea, you watched a video that said the same thing.

Now this entire story was orchestrated in such a way that seemed crazy to you so that you could not mistake its meaning and importance. Now you understand why the book was titled, “The Game of Life,” and now you do know how to play it.


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