The answer to all of your questions

The answer to all of your questions

February 9, 2019

This message will give you the answer to all of your questions even though it may require some time for you to understand, accept, and utilize it. Before moving forward, accept that transparency is always more helpful than attempting to hide your experience.

Last night you inadvertently took some time to sit in meditation and pondered your life now. You questioned whether or not you were moving in the “right” direction. After a time, you opened an email that provided you with the answer to your question. Yet you doubted the validity of that experience.

You then noticed that the email pointed out the doubt that you hold about yourself. The email contained a video that answered that question. Now you may provide it for others.

If you expect to have all doubt removed before you trust yourself and move forward in the direction you desire, you will stay where you are. Now that answered everything, and the rest is up to you.


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