The absurdity of fear

The absurdity of fear

December 4, 2019

The absurdity of fear. First of all, we must tell you that Roger argued with us about using that title as he thought it might offend those of you who are currently experiencing some fear, and now you will understand, as will he, the challenges Roger has experienced in his life.

We first gave him the title or idea, which was almost a subject, the understanding beyond belief. We will explain it now. We said the absurdity of fear because we knew it would capture more eyeballs. But in actuality, fear is necessary and helpful. Without it, you could not come to know and realize the truth of who you are.

You each are born with gifts, that most times you don’t recognize or honor, and Roger is a perfect example. We had Roger write a book on fear as he has had numerous opportunities to experience it. Yes, all those words were intentional. The experiences became opportunities when he moved through them and found himself. Because Roger has seen that he never needed to be fearful in those situations, he had a desire to share that discovery with others, and simultaneously held himself back, as most of you do, again, because of comparisons to others. If there were one thing we would yell the most, it would be, honor every aspect of who you are.

We will give you one example. Because Roger has moved through so much trauma in his life but projects this cheerful, optimistic, and positive demeanor, he compared himself to others. He judged himself as wrong as not everyone else operated in that manner. Roger even judged his laughter and humor in delivering our information because it didn’t fit the established norm. This morning we had him hear Alan Watts, and that provided him with greater encouragement to be himself. He will now own that transformative quality in himself and offer it to others, and each of you is to do the same with your gifts. You’re welcome.


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