Teach humanity

Teach humanity

May 9, 2019

It is 5:38 AM and you feel as if there is some force that has taken you over, and who is directing you to deliver these words. But now you will also understand why. Your awakening, which is why the time is important, will aid many others.

You heard the answer to your question, even though you were not consciously aware of that question, but the answer was because you are not only human. Your entire life has been a struggle between being human and being spiritual. Merely writing that sentence reveals the dilemma you all find. Which is it? IT IS BOTH! The capitalization was essential.

While you have had many of these experiences, we will use the one from yesterday as it is fresh. You sat in your car and were trying to decide on an action you might take. One obvious choice was to only think about yourself if you took that action. The other choice was to consider another. Your natural, innate inclination told you to make the latter choice, but then you felt human judgment, and that is where your confusion has always been.

Now we will give you your life mission, even though you have sensed it. You came to teach humanity. You may think you know the definition of that word, but we will give you the one to use. Humanity is a blending, acceptance, and utilization of your humanness and
spirituality. Go for it.


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