Take the bull by the horns

Take the bull by the horns

July 12, 2019

Take the bull by the horns. Roger kept hearing that sentence this morning and hoped it would go away so he wouldn’t have to write about it or explain why this aspect is critical for his expansion. He thought he could continue to ignore this, as most of you do.

We will give you the story. For some time now, Roger has used a grammar checking service that provided emotional interpretations of the words he was writing. He kept receiving the message that the words were passive. Every time it came up, he knew it was true, but couldn’t find the solution. That solution is in the title of this message.

He, like many of you, will create situations in your lives that feel like major problems or obstacles you can’t move, and that is never true. Here is what was actually happening. He knew that if he were to take some action that felt the least bit aggressive, it would move the obstacles out of the way, but then Roger would no longer have an excuse for why he isn’t who he wanted to be.

You all do this to some degree, and your willingness to become honest with yourself will reveal the many ways you have been holding your life back. Nothing less.


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