Success is always a decision you make

Success is always a decision you make

July 23, 2019

Success is always a decision you make. First of all, it is important for you to define what you deem to be the definition of success, for it completely subjective, and you each concoct your own interpretations. You could be the most successful person on the planet and have no money because you are experiencing success in the only place where that is possible, and that is in your thinking.

Then there are physical manifestations you have created in your mind that you think would cause you to feel successful. Those conditions exist right now, and that is that part you and others don’t readily accept. Most of you are not realizing this because you are focused on all the reasons you couldn’t do what you wanted or the obstacles in your way. When you give yourself a respite from those false beliefs, you will see success in the next step you choose to take.



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