Stop trying to control things!

Stop trying to control things!

July 27, 2019

Stop trying to control things! We wanted to yell those words to you and others, for your actions of attempting to control your physical life experiences always halts your expansion to some degree. You did not see this message coming, and that makes it so much more fun.

You had an experience yesterday that you had difficulty knowing what it was attempting to bring you, or what we were up to. You have engaged in this behavior a good deal of your life, and now would be a great time to let it go. You have always had independent thought, and had a strong intuitive feeling that the work you are here to do, and what you might offer the world would be valuable, while at the same time doubt that. You think that if you bring others along who approve of or accept your ideas, they would be validated. That has never worked for you, and never will. Now we will even give you a
prediction, and one that you will come back and prove to others.

You planned to create something this weekend, and now with this awareness, what you will create will bear the fruit of your long-held independent thought, and others will benefit. You’ll see.


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