Stop resisting who you are

Stop resisting who you are

January 14, 2019

Stop resisting who you are. You had difficulty allowing this message to come through because it represents the difficulty you have experienced your entire life. What you kept hearing was judgment never helps you. Then you began hearing talks on the melding of the masculine and feminine energies, and therein lies your struggle. You all have done this to a degree.

You have classified certain characteristics as being masculine or feminine. Then you begin to identify behaviors as being masculine or feminine. Because you begin to identify heavily with one of them, you feel out of sorts when the other shows up in your life. You have identified being non-judgmental as being feminine and thereby weak. Then you fight against yourself. Now you will also understand the battle of the sexes.

You have tried desperately to assimilate the two, even where you brought people into your life where the rest of your society tells you to judge them, and you couldn’t.

Here is the answer to your struggle. When you judge another you judge yourself for you are all one. You have known this, but now you can live it when you stop resisting who you are.


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