Stop resisting being who you are

Stop resisting being who you are

June 15, 2019

Some time ago, we gave you a message where we discussed you becoming sick and tired. While you thought you understood it then, now you will know.

Last night you experienced intense energy surges in your body which were new and different for you, so somewhat frightening. You knew what you had been thinking and feeling before, and it was a communication you heard which you knew would help the other person, but you failed to tell them or trust yourself. We sent you those surges.

This morning you experienced them again, and this time it was you thinking you could ignore acting on the direction you felt from us, which still revolved around you withholding what you are being guided to do, and you know it is to express our voice audibly.

Every soul has something they are resisting, and they receive signals as well, and each of you will make your choices.

(The message referenced:


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