Stop holding yourself back!

Stop holding yourself back!

November 9, 2017

Stop holding yourself back! The exclamation point was meant to feel like yelling, an admonishment, a directive, but more importantly, as loving encouragement.

You and so many others engage in this behavior and wonder why you have not manifested your desires. You will go through experiences in your life and at times not produce the results you wanted and then immediately judge yourself as either having made a mistake, were stupid in your choices, and because of all those things feel that you are unworthy of receiving anything at all.

How very wrong you are. The mistakes, the failures, and everything else you think you did wrong are all the things that caused you to expand, become more, and gain wisdom. These are the things that created the value that is you.

How novel it would be if you decided to own, embrace, and become proud of those experiences because of the empowerment you now experience. Now use what you have gained and use it to not only propel your life forward but be an example for others. Bravo!


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