Stop denying who you are because the world needs you now

Stop denying who you are because the world needs you now

June 16, 2021
Stop denying who you are because the world needs you now. If you are reading this message, then it means these words are for you. You do not end up in accidental places in your life, which we will help you come to understand through this message.

Roger had a terrible night’s sleep because we kept bugging him. We do that when his resistance is so strong. As we tell the story, you will see yourself.

Yesterday in a group meeting Roger attended one person, commented that so many now we’re struggling to find their businesses, clients, and correct life path. Roger heard us say to him that we have given him that information repeatedly, and we led him to one message he shared with the group, but now we will share it with you.

We are doing so because this current restructuring is so vital that you following our guidance now will accelerate the evolution of your world. After all, you are that powerful, and you will be fine.

September 25, 2013
The biggest irony that you discover during your physical life experience is that the key to the expansion you seek is being you, and the fear you hold is being you. Your awareness of this irony also provides you with the opportunity to resolve it.

Notice that whenever you hesitate to do something you know you desire to do and that you know it will further that expansion, and you decide to wait, that very waiting period is when you have allowed your life to be controlled by that fear.

Now you will also understand that the fear is there not because of who you are, but what you think others will think of who you are. When you study this entire concept, you will find it difficult to see any exceptions to this.

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