Stop being so selfish

Stop being so selfish

February 10, 2020

Stop being so selfish. Roger is taking some time to organize this message to come through, with the aid of his mother, we might add. It would be best just to tell the story.

Years ago, we gave Roger an idea, which he turned into a process in his training program called "how to have a happy childhood." The point was to take those things you each identify from your childhood that you believe are the "reasons" for your unhappiness or lack of success. Then attempt to find the benefit those things brought, or how they enabled you to evolve in your life, for that is always all that occurs. Roger does not always understand or utilize fully what we have given him, just as many of you do not pay attention to the internal guidance you are receiving.

When Roger was a child, he remembers his mother saying to him, "don’t be so selfish." Roger knew that meant don’t hang on to your possessions and become willing to share them with others. As many of you know, we spoke of the mentor training Roger attended two weeks ago. Now Roger understood that he had been selfish but in an entirely different way. What Roger discovered was that he been withholding his knowledge and wisdom, and in that way, he was selfish. Others in the training were not doing that and receiving enormous amounts of wealth doing so. They understood that humankind progresses through the experiences, wisdom, and knowledge of all who came before, namely, all of you! Because most of you do not value who you are, this concept takes a while to sink in, as it has for Roger.

One last point. Roger was having coffee yesterday with a friend he infrequently sees who said after, "every conversation I have with you, I feel as if I learn so much." Roger thought he was just talking.


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