Self-sabotage is real, and you’re doing it

Self-sabotage is real, and you’re doing it

March 5, 2019

Self-sabotage is real, and you’re doing it. You had a conversation with another some time ago on this subject, and you questioned it until you witnessed its existence within you. You even hesitated allowing this message to come through, and typically when you and others resist something so strongly, there is some great benefit for you within the experience.

Your particular experience of self-sabotage pointed out two helpful things for you. You have enough awareness to know that you can never blame your experience on another, and be empowered. Now that you can’t blame the other for your self-sabotage, what do you do?

You seek to know its source, and your source was making a decision against what you wanted. Number two is, you made that choice because you doubted yourself. When you and others change this, you will no longer self-sabotage.


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