Self-acceptance is your salvation

Self-acceptance is your salvation

February 17, 2021
Self-acceptance is your salvation. This message will be one of our most meaningful. We know we say that a lot, but it is also meant to indicate you are in a state of continuous evolvement, so each moment of your life and understanding will be new.

Last night we began giving Roger information which he could feel himself push away. As most of you do with your new information, if it does not fit into whatever particular story you have come to believe about who you are. We said to Roger last night that he reacted in his soul while watching the president of the United States at a town hall because Roger resonated with what we have told him his entire life was his job. Still, he didn’t believe that, as you may not have accepted your job here, but you each have one.

This morning we led Roger to a video with Abraham Hicks and Joe Dispenza. We are using the names for it will impact each of you more. We have often said that you sometimes confuse your guides to be your teachers. The only teacher you have is within you, and it was implanted there before you were born. We are throwing in that sentence to make you all aware there is something within you, which is why we suggested the personality test so you might find more assurance in your felt inclinations.

Last night Roger’s friend asked him if Roger thought he was smarter than they were. In that instant, Roger knew he had to do his job. Don’t worry; we will have this make sense through the message we will attach that Roger has avoided for a while, as you might have avoided your mission. Yes, we are creative.

Roger cannot make distinctions of that nature because he knows through us that all are equal and important, but you do accept specific roles in each lifetime, so your "job" now is to do the one you assumed well. Roger is beginning to do that more, and he even agreed yesterday to have us speak more, which we will discuss later.

Today we are doing something new. Roger always needs reinforcement, which is why we lead him to particular videos. We will place one here today that for those of you adventurous enough to take this journey and listen to the video, read this message along with the one through the link, you will know why we say you will be fine.

The video:
The message:

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