Rip off the band-aid quickly

Rip off the band-aid quickly

March 11, 2020

Rip off the band-aid quickly. There are certain times when analogies work well for explanations, and this is one of them. Roger has been avoiding a topic we have pointed out to him for years. You each do this in some way. You think if you don’t acknowledge a challenge or difficulty you might be experiencing in your lives, they will magically disappear. That is never the case, and not a solution you want. Your intention is to live free and as an empowered being. That will never manifest if you attempt to hide from those things you know you can see and are within your power to change.

Now we will rip it off. Roger has mastered a habit of not asking for what he wants. He has known this and wanted to know the reasons why, as you all do. The reasons may come from a myriad of sources, but that is not important, for you can only change in your moment of now. Roger uses a grammar program for some of his writing and would continually receive an alert that his writing was passive. He kept seeing this and tried to ignore it. Last night he could no longer do this.

Roger saw the result of work done by someone he hired, and it is not to Roger’s liking. The ensuing confrontation Roger imagined was painful. One reason Roger does this is he doesn’t want to upset the apple cart, so to speak. Those are the best words we could find, but he has been operating in this manner his entire life. Now this characteristic is beneficial for him, however, for it allows him to be empathetic with others. But often, he leaves himself out of the equation.

There is a way to ask for what you want without it being a confrontation, or dis-empowering another. Roger will find the solution, and so will each of you in your lives. Please stop denying what you want. When you do, you will help heal your lives and the world. Peace is always available for those wanting to find it.


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