Release your money shame

Release your money shame

September 12, 2019

Release your money shame. Roger has agreed to receive this message if we make it fun because it is uncomfortable for him, as it is for you all. You each have a form of shame attached to money even though you may not recognize it as such. It is not possible for you to live in the physical world without forming your individual attachments and usage of money. Some of you use it to cause yourself to feel more powerful than others hoping it might boost your self-esteem. There is shame involved there.

Others will use it as a form of guidance, and that is what Roger has done. And he knows this, but the arrival of shame blocks him from knowing this or even hoping to believe this.

We will now make this fun for him. Yesterday he had to review his money usage over the last few years, and the greatest source of his shame was he knew we had given him the information be he didn’t believe it. Sound familiar? Read the message, “The Energy of Money.” He has now found his, and being transparent and honest about his process releases the shame. Now laugh at yourself because anything less is not helpful.


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