Putting the cart before the horse

Putting the cart before the horse

April 19, 2017

You have been attempting to put the cart before the horse in your life, so to speak. The cart is your life, and the horse is the fuel you use to move the cart. You can envision the struggle involved in the first sentence, and you can feel the ease that comes when you reverse that.

The fuel you have been lacking is self-love. When you have thought of the concept, you found no meaningful or useful manner to apply it to your life, until now.

Self means how you think of who you are, and love means anything that you choose to draw to you. Every day stand in front of the mirror and stare into your eyes for one minute. You will then experience either appreciating what you observe, or deciding what you desire to change, but either way, you always know you are in the process of developing self-love, so you have your fuel.

Should you choose to do this every day with commitment, the results will astound you.


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