Prosperity is a decision you make

Prosperity is a decision you make

July 29, 2019

Prosperity is a decision you make, and you are making that decision in each moment of now, with every thought you think, beliefs you hold, and words you speak. We have been waiting for you to receive this message, and we are so passionate about it that if we were speaking in words, we might swear to imply emphasis.

This notion was aroused in you the other day when you blurted out an idea that you were going to build an empire, and you received judgment which caused you to reflect on your own beliefs, and you noticed the ones that have always held you back from desired abundance.

We will give you something that for you and all others, will ease your understanding. You are all born into environments, families, countries, and societies, that by the very nature of all human development will hold some manner of restriction and limitation. You wanted to break free of that because that is expansion, which equals unlimited prosperity.


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