Pretend to be human

Pretend to be human

June 13, 2019

We want you to pretend to be human. Aren’t our messages becoming more fun? That is because so are you, you are trusting us more, and that will help all others. Being human means that you were born to expand, grow, and evolve, and add to the dynamic of the universe at large.

You each, every single one of you, has something to offer that will cause your natural human characteristics of doubt, judgment, and fear to emerge so that you would be “prompted” to access your spiritual self consciously.

You came to help others do this, but the primary human characteristic that you have embodied, which you will move through and help all others do the same, is doubt. To prove our point, yesterday we had you “inadvertently” (laugh) stop and record an audible recording from us, which you don’t remember right now, but play it here. Others will also gain value. We’re done.


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