Practice detachment

Practice detachment

December 28, 2017

Practice detachment. Those two words will serve as a powerful directive for you. You are told to practice detachment because you have been living your life in an opposite manner, so it will take some deliberate effort on your part to achieve that goal. Also, when you fully understand and accept this, it will lead you to everything you want.

It is essential that you understand how you developed attachment. All humans do this and it is natural, at least at the beginning of your life. You are guided by adults when you are young, and then you became attached to that guidance and interpreted that to mean safety. Then you began attempting to find that experience of security by attaching yourself to people, specific results or conditions. When they do not show up, you feel less safe, fearful, and a bit lost.

There is much for you to gain here but it might be too much at one sitting, so we will just leave you with this. Attachment to any result outside of yourself will keep you in bondage.


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