Please try again for you will progress

Please try again for you will progress

July 1, 2020
Please try again for you will progress. We must tell you we are so pleased with this message as you will be. It may be a bit tricky for you to keep up, but try to keep in mind that every "you" we will incorporate is the individual you, and that of the world. At some point, you may even lose the distinction.

Part of this message is a precursor because your world’s current condition will move into a bit more chaos before it straightens out, just like you. Clever, aren’t we? Now you will experience changes on an individual and global level, which you may interpret as things falling apart. You did that in your life as well, and we attempted to tell you things were coming together, and that is the case now no matter what your limited perception may perceive now.

You each have carried a lot of confusion about who you are or your life direction. You couldn’t understand why you had such conditions in your life, or why certain people were around you. You even carried the notion that someone you were doomed or cursed, which is an impossible condition for anyone, especially you. What is occurring at this time is you are being asked to try again for this time you will progress.

Now we will prove it to you, for we told Roger how he was to move through this time more than a year ago. We will leave a link which you may read if you wish, and if you take that initiative, it will open such awareness for you.

We are even more proud now of this message. Hang on to it for your trust and belief will flourish. Even Roger is beginning to believe us now.

The message:

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