Please throw caution to the wind

Please throw caution to the wind

October 15, 2019

Please throw caution to the wind. Roger wondered why he kept hearing us say that and referring to a time in his life some nineteen years ago. At that time, he was attempting to be creative. He was writing a song for his dying sister-in-law. Because this was so important to him, he held an urgency of doing it quite right. Roger was stymied. We told him to only think about what he wanted to communicate from his heart. When he shifted his thinking in this manner, the song flowed, and to this day, he sees it as one of his proudest works.

Roger is embarking on a similar project now, as it is important to him, and he has felt stuck as to how he might begin or fashion his project. The same advice applies here. Find what you want to communicate from your heart first, and fashion your project from that model. Throwing caution to the wind means there is no model for you to follow but your heart.


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